A Mustang Named Hope Finds Sanctuary

Welcome Hope!  On May 14, 2016, Southwest Wildlife’s Horse and Burro program welcomed a new mare.  She’s a 21-year old BLM Mustang found as a starving stray with a bad rope burn on a hind leg.  She was taken in by Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, Inc. (AERO) when it was determined by the Arizona Department of Agriculture that her condition was too poor to sell her at auction.  Thank you to AERO for saving her and helping her find a sanctuary home with us!  She'll have excellent care and companionship for the rest of her life. 

Read more about Hope on Arizona Equine Rescue Organization’s Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/Arizona-Equine-Rescue-Organization-134664783123/

Follow our Facebook page for updates on how Hope is doing in her new home!  https://www.facebook.com/Southwest.Wildlife/

Hope the Mustang - BEFORE (Courtesy of AERO)

Hope the Mustang - BEFORE (Courtesy of AERO)

Hope looking better after spending some time at AERO