Sweet Old Mare - Sugar Has a Home for Life

On January 28, 2017, Sugar, a 29-year old mare, was welcomed into Southwest Wildlife’s Horse and Burro program. 

Sugar is a sweet old girl, but she lived for a long time without good care.  Her feet were so neglected they looked like elf slippers! 

She also has Cushing’s Disease, a dysfunction of the pituitary gland, which is most common in older horses.  Signs of Cushing’s can include long, curly hair, muscle wasting, a rounded abdomen or “potbelly,” lethargy, and neurologic deficits, among other things.  Sugar shows most of these signs.     

Sugar is feeling better since her arrival at SWCC

An older horse with Cushing’s is truly a “special needs” horse.  Cushing’s often compromises the immune system, causing horses with this condition to be more prone to infections and other health problems.  Because of this, Cushing’s horses need regular veterinary care, with special attention paid to vaccinations, deworming, dental health, hoof care, and other preventive maintenance.

Sugar's pretty hoof trim

Sugar’s already more comfortable after a hoof trim, and her teeth will get the care they urgently need once she’s medically stable enough for the procedure. 

We’ll see that she gets great care and a cushy home for the rest of her life here at the sanctuary!  

Welcome home Sugar!



Sugar BEFORE arriving at Southwest Wildlife

Sugar the mare - BEFORE

Sugar the mare - BEFORE - her poor feet!