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February 20, 2015 ~ Read the latest update on Heavenly bear and learn about his medical challenge after a diagnosis of valley fever, see him having bear fun, and find out what he has to look forward to. 


CLICK HERE to read all about Heavenly's diagnosis of valley fever and find out what he has to look forward to!




October 25, 2014 ~ Heavenly is listening for the sounds of progress on the new bear enclosure.  He’s hearing the sound of the spray can marking where we’ll begin digging the footers for the enclosure fence panels!  It’s taken a while to demolish those old enclosures which were set in concrete years ago.  That’s hard work!  Patience Heavenly!  You’re going to love it!  

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October 7, 2014 ~ Wild thanks to veterinarians Nick Robl, Marlene Tremblay, and Dawn Stokka, assisted by Vet Tech Amber Hunt, for performing a quick and careful neuter surgery on Heavenly bear!  Heavenly’s a pretty happy, healthy young bear and he recovered without any problems.    




September 7, 2014 ~ My, what big paws you have Heavenly bear!  This bear is growing every day.  One of these days he may even grow into those paws!  He’s lost most of his blonde highlights and is turning a lovely deep brown.  He’s also a water baby – in and out of his big, green pool all day.  You’d never know it from the picture, but the water was clean 30 minutes earlier. 





August 30, 2014 ~ All the banging around and noise involved in getting the site ready for the new bear enclsoure is making it really hard for Heavenly bear to get his 12 hour naps in!  This is not his happy face.  This is his poor sleepy bear face. 





August 28, 2014 ~ The expansion of the bear enclosure begins!  Clean up and de-construction of the old coyote enclosures is underway.  Where there used to be fencing, now there's dirt.  In the last picture you can see Heavenly bear through the fencing.  This is the area in back of his temporary enclosure.  This is where the expansion will happen - THANKS TO OUR DONORS!


August 7, 2014 ~ Cooled dens are the best!  Heavenly makes good use of the den in his temporary enclosure.  He’s either up top surveying the world, or inside trying to arrange his bear bed.  The three black bears who have shared part of their enclosure with Heavenly have also generously shared their den, but it’s time for everyone to have a little space of their own.  WE’RE VERY CLOSE to reaching our fundraising goal for the black bear expansion!  You can see the remarkable progress here:  http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly.  Thank you for caring for this little bear.



August 6, 2014 ~ YOU DID IT! The matching grant for $5,000 has been met! Amazing, just amazing.  Wild thanks to all from Heavenly, Griz, Igasho, Tahoe, Berry and Cinnamon the bears! Look at our progress now! http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly




August 5, 2014 ~ Are we there yet?! We're very close to meeting the matching grant and turning $5,000 into $10,000 for Heavenly bear! Yay! http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly.     




August 2, 2014 ~ Will you help build my new home?  He’s just a little bear, but he needs room to grow!  Check out our progress here:  http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly, and please share, share, share!  





August 1, 2014 ~ HEAVENLY DAYS!  Because of your generosity, we met our $2000 challenge grant match quickly, so our donor generously upped the challenge to $5000! 






July 31, 2014 ~ Hooray!  One of Heavenly bear’s admirers has offered a matching grant of $2000 to help construct a home for Heavenly!  So, that means that every dollar donated toward Heavenly bear’s new enclosure will be matched by our donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) until the donations have reached $2000.  We have one week to make this goal!  This could mean a total of $4000 toward expansion of the bear enclosure!  Please give now, if you can, so your gift can be doubled, and share, share, share!  Donate and learn more here:  http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly



July 6, 2014 ~ Heavenly bear is making himself right at home here at Southwest Wildlife. He's enjoying his daily meals and we're enjoying getting to know him. Our fundraiser to enlarge the black bears' enclosure is still underway. We've raised over $8700 of the $25,000 we'll need to complete the new enclosure. Follow the progress or contribute on our Razoo fundraiser site A Home for Heavenly.  



June 30, 2014 ~ He’s such a little bear, but thinks he’s as tough as the big boys – at least through the fence!  Heavenly and the three black bears he may live with someday are meeting and greeting one another through the fence.  Sometimes it’s just rubbing noses, sometimes it’s huffing and snorting.  The fundraiser to enlarge the black bear area is underway and we’re very pleased that we’re about one-third of the way toward our goal!  Check out the progress or make a donation at http://www.razoo.com/story/A-Home-For-Heavenly.



June 18, 2014 ~ Heavenly bear is home!  Thanks to Nicole Carion with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and SWCC’s transport volunteers for getting Heavenly from South Lake Tahoe, California, to Scottsdale, Arizona, in one day.  It was too late when he arrived yesterday to safely put him out in the enclosure, so he spent the night in the clinic.  This morning he got a look at his new temporary home.  His first reaction was to find a tree and go up!  He spent quite a bit of time up there working through a few things – like what those big black bears next door were up to!  They were a bit scary for him, but once he discovered that they couldn’t get close to him, he began to relax.  A ladder was added beneath his perch in the tree, and he quickly figured out how to go up and down.  Take a few steps down, look at the other bears, and back up.  Down, get a quick drink, and back up.  Down, grab a grape and back up.  It’s a good start.  As Heavenly settles in, we’ll begin to plan an expansion to the black bear enclosure.  You can help make his new home heavenly by making a contribution through our website today!  (Photo by SWCC volunteer W.J. Wheaton)


June 16, 2014 ~ Here comes Heavenly!  Heavenly bear will be traveling from California to Southwest Wildlife this week.  Volunteers will meet the California Department of Fish and Wildlife people about half way, pick Heavenly up, and drive him to the sanctuary.  To make sure he’s comfortable, Southwest Wildlife will be renting a vehicle with room for a bear crate and good air conditioning.  It’ll be a long trip for Heavenly, but, by Wednesday, we hope to have him settled into his temporary spot, where he can meet our 3 young black bears, Igasho, Griz and Tahoe, through the fence.  How exciting!  We’ll keep you posted!  (Credit for the photo of Heavenly’s cute bear rear goes to Carroll Jones, BEAR League-LTWC.)

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June 11, 2014 ~ Heavenly bear is being well taken care of at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care in S. Lake Tahoe, California.  We'll be hearing more the first of next week from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife about travel arrangements to bring Heavenly to Arizona.  We'll share the date when we know!  In the meantime, Carroll Jones, with the BEAR League and LTWC, has provided us with some photos of Heavenly.  He's a California blonde!  Your donations are welcome and we're grateful for the support we're receiving as we make room for this young bear.  Thank you!



June 9, 2014 ~ It was only 3 months ago, when Heavenly the bear was first rescued at the Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe.  ABC Channel 7, which covers San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, had some good video footage of the little bear as he was taken from the vet’s office to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.  Watch here: http://abc7news.com/archive/9453232.

Southwest Wildlife is looking forward to Heavenly’s arrival at the sanctuary in a couple of weeks.  Read more about Heavenly’s story on our website.