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Yemaya Updates


November 20, 2013 ~ Yemaya, who is quite the diva, appears to have recovered entirely from her rattlesnake bite earlier in the year.  The two young bobcats who recently shared her enclosure have moved out.  Yemaya was imprinted as a kitten on humans and dogs.  We’ve tried several times to introduce her to other bobcats so she could have company of her own kind.  She made it quite clear that she didn’t want any “cats” in her house.  Yes, mam.   



September 25, 2013 ~ Yemaya’s back in her enclosure and quite full of herself.  When she returned home, she was NOT pleased to see the two young bobcats who have been sharing her enclosure on a trial basis.  Poor guys.  She’s a handful.  Her rattlesnake bite is healing nicely.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see the puncture wounds on her leg.  Yemaya’s a very lucky bobcat! 






September 18, 2013 ~ This is a picture of Yemaya from the summer of 2010 – the year she came to Southwest Wildlife.  She’s still in the clinic recovering from the rattlesnake bite.  She did not receive antivenom because too much time passed between the bite and when she arrived at the vet’s office.  Ordinarily, SWCC keeps the most common rattlesnake antivenom on hand for just such an occurrence, as the timing is critical in order for the antivenom to be effective, but last year was a big snake year and we used up the antivenom we had on hand and have not had the funds to replenish it.  Your donations to SWCC for Yemaya’s recovery will now enable us to have this important treatment option available when, or if, we need it for another of our residents.  Thank you.    


September 16, 2013 ~ Our girl Yemaya is still hanging in there.  She doesn’t feel well at all, but she still wants to “chat” when she has visitors in the clinic, so that’s a good sign.  We’re making her as comfortable as possible while she recovers from her rattlesnake bite.





September 14, 2013 ~ Maybe the 13th was unlucky after all!  Sweet bobcat Yemaya was rushed to the vet today when we discovered that she’d been bitten by a rattlesnake.  We’ll do whatever we it takes to save her life, even if she needs expensive antivenom, but that’s certainly not an expense we planned for.  We caught the rattlesnake that bit her and it will be relocated.  In the meantime, Yemaya is in a lot of pain, but she’s getting the best medical care possible at Sonora Veterinary Specialists.  This is just the kind of emergency your generous donations have always helped us with.  We know we’re lucky to have you.  Thank you.