Wildlife as Pets

Keep the wild in your heart, not in your home.

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center strongly advocates the principal that we should keep the wild in our hearts, not in our homes.  Although a baby wild animal might appear cuddly and appealing, it will eventually grow up into an adult wild animal.

Realizing that an adult animal will be more difficult to control, some people with wild or exotic pets attempt to surgically alter the animal in an effort to make them less dangerous or destructive.  Canine teeth may be pulled or the animal may be declawed.  Once an animal has been mutilated in this fashion, it can never live successfully in the wild.  Even if the animal is able to live at a sanctuary such as SWCC, this mutilation may cause lifelong pain or discomfort for the animal.

In some states, such as Arizona, it’s illegal to own wildlife and if the “pet” wild animal is discovered, it will be confiscated and either placed in a sanctuary or destroyed. 

Please, make no wild creature a pet.